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Fiynda hair removal, 100 ML

Hair removal spray, 100 Ml

Fiynda hair removal spray, the magic solution for quick, painless and effective hair removal. Say goodbye to shaving problems or waxing discomfort and welcome to smooth and hair-free skin in no time.

Our hair remover spray is especially designed for men as it encompasses a unique formula that acts on breaking down even the toughest hairs without damaging the skin. It is perfect for use on the chest, back, legs, arms and any other area you want to remove undesired hair thereof quickly and easily.

With Fiynda hair remover spray, no worries about cuts caused by the razor. Fiynda removes hair from roots and leaves you with a silky smooth skin for up to four weeks.

Try Fiynda men hair remover spray and experience the best way to remove hair without pain.

Hair removal spray for men

  • Permanent cleanliness
  • Without pain
  • Without cuts or bleeding
  • Quick time
  • Comfort feeling
  • Skin moisturizing and nourishing
  • Getting rid of odors caused by germs and bacteria accumulated in the hair especially under the armpits and in the pubis.

Hair remover for men

Men’s hair remover spray is a type of products used to remove hair usually comes in a box and contains a chemical compound that breaks down the protein stricter of the hair causing thereby dissolving thereof and easily wiping or washing it.

Fiynda spray

Due to the distinctive packaging design, it guarantees you reach difficult-to-reach areas. In addition to quick results in 5 – 10 minutes top, you can also have a smooth and hair free skin that lasts long.

Hair removing spray for men

Men’s hair remover spray has been tested by dermatologists and it is safe for all types of skin. Therefore, whether you’re preparing to spend a beach vacation or simply desire to feel confidence and cleanliness, Fiynda hair remover spray is your ideal solution.

 How to Use Hair Removal Spray Fiynda 

  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Make an allergy test via apply a small amount of the product on your palm, wait several minutes, in case any allergic sign appears, it is recommended NOT to use the product. Otherwise, if you didn’t experience any allergies, start hair removing process immediately.
  • Apply an abundant amount of the spray on the targeted area
  • Distribute the liquid by your hands to ensure covering all the sports by the product
  • Wait 4 – 8 minutes
  • After that, suing a clean and wet towel, wipe the place of the lotion on the skin and enjoy the softness and feeling of comfort.

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