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Heartbeat Necklace

Heartbeat Necklace

Are you looking for a gift symbolizing eternal love? Here you are with an endearing necklace for everyone; a calm design convenient for all tastes. This necklace is the ideal expression of love and passion swarming you. It is handmade from sterling silver distinctive for its lightweight and depth of meaning.

The gold plated sliver endless heartbeat necklace, an elegant design of high quality materials. Surprise your beloved one with a gift to be proud of and keep for years to come until the end of life!

Gold plated Silver heartbeat Necklace

  • Our products are made of 925 sterling silver.
  • 14k gold plated on silver.
  • High quality zircon stone.
  • Delivered in a gift box.
  • When not in use, keep it inside the box, away from a damp environment and airtight.
  • Please don’t use toothpaste, ash, or etc., to clean it.
  • Completely handmade sliver product.

Zircon Stone

Zircon is a very durable famous gemstone, 7.5 on Mohs hardness scale and it has been used in jewelry for centuries.

Zircon stones are distinctive for their brilliance and fire which is the ability of precious stones to reflect flashes of multicolored light in such a way as to create a rainbow of colors.

Zircon is a precious stone the thing that renders it convenient for everyday wear. Zircon is also resistant to scratching and chipping. Zircon precious stones are often heat-treated to promote their color and clarity.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s day is a special occasion in which you show your love and appreciation for the woman of your life. There are plenty of gift options available including gift necklaces with chocolate and toys, pajama sets, and poetry books. You can also think of personalized gifts such as accessories or photo albums to render your day even more special.

Whatever your choice may be, make sure it reflects your loved one’s interests and personality; show her how much you care with a thoughtful valentine’s day gift that she’ll cherish and be proud of.

Online Gift Buying Sites

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