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Gold q7 chocolate 500 gr

Gold q7 chocolate 500 gr
Gold q7 chocolate 500 gr
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Gold q7 chocolate 500 gr
Gold q7 chocolate 500 gr
Gold q7 chocolate 500 gr
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    Gold Q7 Chocolate 500 G

     Gold q7 chocolate is a mix of several natural herbs that stimulates sexual ability and arousal for both men and women alike in addition to cocoa Turkish chocolate and the result is a wonderful taste and perfect sexual experience.

    what is q7 chocolate

    • Q7 chocolate is the natural Turkish alternative for Viagra pills with varieties available for both men and women.
    • Produced especially for enhancing motives and increase of sexual ability and to serve as a therapy for sexual coldness for both parties.
    • Q7 chocolate is meant for bigger erection and high sexual performance. It improves intimacy making it much more arousing and enjoyable
    • Grants the required ability and confidence while having sex
    • Bestows the possibility of sex continuity for after reaching orgasm
    • The original gold q7 chocolate differs from duplicate products available in the market.
    • Turkish Q7 chocolate has got a delicious taste and quick and lasting influence
    • Gold Q7 chocolate is easy to use and is to be kept in a dry place at room temperature.

    How to use q7 chocolate

    East just one piece of Q7 chocolate one hour before having sex and this will be sufficient for the purpose. Don’t consume more than one piece a day.

    Gold q7 chocolate for Men

    • Gold q7 chocolate enhances erection process  
    • Prolongs erection process time
    • Being a sexual tonic, it affects increase of sperm count upon ejaculation for men. 
    • It works on prolonging intimacy and postponing ejaculation
    • gold q7 chocolate contributes to an increase of sexual intercourse times

    Gold q7 chocolate for women

    • Increases sexual desire for women
    • Works on narrowing the vagina
    • Increase of pleasure during sex
    • Minimizing the mucus substance
    • Excreting estrogen hormone
    • Assists minimizing fear and concern
    • Increase of irritating the G-spot which is responsible for arousing women sexuality

    Gold q7 chocolate 500 gr

    Gold q7 chocolate Nutritional Values

    Each Q7 chocolate bar contains the following substances

    • Sugar
    • Vegetable oil
    • Coconuts
    • Cocoa powder
    • Skimmed milk powder
    • Emulsifier
    • Salt
    • Sesame
    • Natural ginseng
    • Epimedium herb (horny goat weed)
    • Ginger

    Important Tips Upon Using Q7  sex Chocolate

    • Since it is product encompassing mostly Turkish chocolate, it may cause allergy for some people
    • This product contains epimedium and ginseng herbs therefore it should be used by adults only
    • it’s forbidden for those who suffer from diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases.

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