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Jasmine Green Tea, 20 Bags

Turkish Jasmine Green Tea, 20 Bags

Jasmine green tea, the most preferred green tea in markets. The presence of jasmine flowers with tea leaves enhances the flavor and bestows a color that enchants the eye. It is distinctive for its breathtaking ever-wanted to inhale aroma. This drink provides you relaxation and comfort of nerves in addition to its body’s toxins-expelling properties not to mention it remarkable role in weight loss especially if accompanied by exercise and walking.

Turkish Jasmine Green Tea Drink

  • Turkish green tea
  • With the extract of white jasmine flowers
  • 100% natural product
  • Free of any preservatives
  • Free of pesticide residues

Jasmine Flowers

  • Jasmine is a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family of Oleaceae native to the tropical and subtropical regions in Eurasia, Australian and Oceania.
  • Jasmines are famous for their fragrant flowers and are often used in perfumery, essential oils and tea.
  • The most common type of jasmine grown as an ornamental plant is jasminum officinale known also as common or real Jasmine.
  • Considered a climbing vine that can grow up to 10 meters high and produce a star-like white flowers of a strong and sweet aroma.

Benefits of Jasmine Flowers

  • It’s well-known that jasmine aroma has a calming and relaxing effect on the mind the body rendering it a popular component in aromatherapy products.
  • Jasmine oil is often used in skin care products due to its moisturizing properties and ability to improve the skin’s flexibility. It’s believed also that it has anti-aging benefits.
  • It’s believed that jasmine odor can assist minimizing tension and anxiety levels via enhancing relaxation and quietness.
  • It’s also believed that jasmine has sedative effects that can assist improving sleep quality.
  • Jasmine encompasses antioxidants that may assist protecting the body against damages caused by the free radicals
  • Jasmine tea is often used as a digestive aid as it can assist calming the stomach and minimize digestive problems such as bloating and cramping.

How to Prepare Doğadan Jasmine Tea

  • Prepare a sufficient amount of hot water, put one envelop in the cup and pour hot water onto it.
  • Leave it dissolve with water for a few minutes then add your desirable sweetener
  • It’s possible to drink it in summer in a smoothie or with ice.

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