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Collagen pills for hair, nails, skin and joints 0 tablets6

Collagen pills for hair, nails, skin and joints 0 tablets6
Collagen pills for hair, nails, skin and joints 0 tablets6
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Biotin and Collagen Pills, 90 Tablets

Dietary supplement encompassing bovine collagen capsules, considered ideal for the whole body, enjoys a composition that contains all type of collagen in addition to biotin. A dietary supplement that will take care of the skin, hair, bones, and nails health alike.

Forte Platinum Collagen Pills Components

The composition of this dietary supplement contains:

  • Collagen type 1 and 3; one of the types responsible for the health and safety of skin, hair, and complexion
  • Collagen type 2; responsible for the health of bones and joints.

What Is Biotin

Biotin is one of the most important vitamins for the human body as it supplies enzymes with energy necessary for performing its functions perfectly.

 Biotin Benefits

  • Assists treating hair loss and the deficiency of which leads to baldness
  • Enhances nails capability and wards off breakage
  • Enhances the skin’s vitality and flexibility

Benefits of Collagen for Skin and Hair

  • Stimulates production of natural collagen in the epidermis
  • Useful in face tightening process
  • Acts as a skin’s anti-aging factor
  • Acts on unifying skin’s tone and lightens it.
  • Removes traces of wounds and scars
  • Protects hair tone and limits premature gray hair
  • Increases the growth of hair follicles

Collagen Pills for Weight Gain

Collagen tablets do not increase weight, on the contrary, usage of collagen leads to a feeling of satiety in addition to its ability to maintain the muscle mass therefore enhances calories burn.

Multi Collagen and Biotin Usage

  • It’s advisable to consume two tablets a day after meals in the morning and evening
  • Convenient for those who are over 11 years of age.

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