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King Solomon Ring

Amber Decorated King Solomon Ring

King Solomon ring, or as it is known as “the emblem of the six-pointed star” regarded, according to some people, a talisman representing spiritual protection and control over evil forces. High quality handmade silver ring ornamented with a combination of blue amber gemstones granting it more elegance and beauty. You can wear it for various occasions as it will be a perfect choice adding an extra touch of creativity to your appearance.

Silver Ring Seal Solomon

  • A 925-carate silver ring
  • Stone used: compact amber
  • Stone color: blue
  • Average weight: ± 20.70 (may vary depending on measurement)
  • Delivery time: shipping within one business day

What is King Solomon Ring

  • Usually depicted in the form of a six-pointed star. In religious traditions, this star is described as having given Solomon the power to control the supernatural including Jinn and Nebula as well as the ability to talk and speak with animals.
  • Due to these supernatural powers, this ring has become a talisman during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • It’s worth noting that these drawings are just mere interpretations of seal of Solomon since the real inscription that was on King Solomon seal is not precisely known
  • It’s believed that the hexagonal shape of the seal of king Solomon is derived from the star of David where king Solomon wanted to improve the symbol he inherited from his father King David.
  • The interlocking triangle logo has been chosen to serve as a visual talisman that represent spiritual protection and control over evil forces.

What is Amber Stone

Amber is a fossilized tree resin (gum) highly valued for its beauty and visualized therapeutic properties for thousands of years. It’s a golden color warm stone ranging from pale yellow to dark orange and other colors. It’s often used in jewelry and other vanitas.

Meanings and Semantics of an Amber Stone

Here are some common meanings associated with the amber stone:

  • Protection: amber is believed to provide protection against negative energies and stimulates feeling safe.
  • Healing: amber is said to have natural therapeutic properties especially as regards to throat, lungs, and respiratory system. It’s believed also that it’s beneficial in treating skin’s disorders and infections
  • Soothing: amber is said to have calming and sedative effect on the mind and body assisting minimizing tension and anxiety.
  • Luck: amber is often associated with good luck and believed to bring prosperity and success for its wearer.
  • Ancient wisdom: since amber is a fossilized resin existed for millions of years, it’s often looked at as a symbol of ancient wisdom and knowledge.
  • Connection to nature: amber is a natural substance believed to have a strong connection to Earth and natural world.

Adhoc Box for King Solomon Ring

This unique piece, crafted with precession and craftsmanship, will reach you in a stylish box to protect it against any damage.

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