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Matcha latte tea 20 envelopes

Matcha latte tea 20 envelopes
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Matcha latte tea 20 envelopes
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    Matcha Latte Tea

    A drink that encompasses the green Matcha tea powder of a high nutritional value dissolved with cows’ milk, almond milk, coconut, and oats to form a mixture you can adopt as a main morning beverage that can be served both hot or cold. Match latte tea can be sweetened by honey or sugar. It’s considered a drink of a great popularity especially amongst girls worldwide as it enjoys a very delicious taste and has got many benefits.

    • Matcha latte package contains 20 envelopes
    • In each envelop there are 8 g of the original Matcha powder
    • Fat-burn stimulus substances such as Sanamke and Spirulina
    • Milk and coconut flavors

    What is Matcha?

    “Matcha” word is of a Japanese origin and means “tea powder”. Matcha tea is one of the types of the high-quality and most popular Japanese green tea. It is distinctive for its bright green color due to high percentage of chlorophyll contained therein. This powder-like form product is the result of grinding dry tea leaves.

    What Are the Benefits of Matcha Latte

    • Matcha latte is a drink rich of antioxidants and vitamins
    • Works on increasing the complexion’s freshness, softness, and brightness
    • Contains three times more of caffeine in comparison to other types of tea
    • Plays an important role in fighting tension
    • Maintains ideal and healthy cholesterol levels
    • Boosts good performance ability thus increases productivity levels
    • Protects against several malignant tumors
    • Vital for bones’ health and components
    • Bestows satiety feeling thus assists losing weight. 

    Iced Matcha Latte Way of Preparation


    • 2 spoonfuls of Matcha powder
    • Little amount of hot water
    • One cup of warm water
    • Ice as per desire
    • Milk (almond, coconuts, or cows’ milk)
    • Sugar or honey.

    Way of Preparation

    • In a small bowl, put 2 spoons of Matcha powder, add some hot water and stir thoroughly until completely blended and reaches a dough-like texture.
    • Next, add the warm water cup in addition to honey or sugar, as you prefer, then mix again.
    • Put the mixture in the freezer for about 20 minutes
    • Prepare the serving cup and fill it up with ice pieces. Pour the chosen milk at the rate of 3 quarters of the cup
    • Eventually, pour the Matcha mixture after taking it out of the freezer; mix it thoroughly with milk and ice and the result is Matcha latte like the ones you find in cafés.

    When to Drink Matcha Latte Tea

    Matcha latte contains caffeine, so it’s not advisable to have it during evening hours to avoid insomnia. It’s better to have in the morning or in the afternoon as it enhances concentration and increases the individual’s productivity.

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