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Turkish Natural Lavender Soap, 100 G

Turkish Natural Lavender Soap, 100 G
Turkish Natural Lavender Soap, 100 G
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Turkish Natural Lavender Soap, 100 G

Lavender soap is a natural product used centuries ago to purify the complexion and improve its appearance. Arifoğlu lavender soap in considered an organic product rich in materials and elements necessary for complexion’s health and radiance. This soap will be your daily favorite friend to get to the complexion you’ve always dreamt of as it you’re one of Hollywood stars.

Lavender “Lavandula” Plant

  • Lavender is a perennial plant that grows in dry or wet areas all over the world. This plant is famous for its soft violet flowers that are used in perfumery and aromatherapy as well as for medical purposes due to it remedial characteristics.
  • Lavender contains many health benefits as studies show that it can improve sleep and reduce restlessness as well as improves the complexion.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is distinguished for its distinctive odor that assists relaxation and going to sleep easily. Massaging the skin with this oil can purify it and renew its cells.

Lavender Soap Benefits for the Skin

  • Lavender oil in an effective anti-inflammatory agent that is used for treating dermal diseases such as acnes, eczema, and pimples.
  • Using lavender oil in skin-care products increases the blood circulation in the skin and improves flexibility and touch thereof.
  • The presence of anti-bacterial agents in lavender essential-oil makes it an effective therapy for bacterial skin infections such ash pimples and boils.
  • Lavender oil is useful too in minimizing skin and scalp redness and inflammation
  • Due to its antiseptic characteristics, using lavender oil on the skin is useful for treating different skin diseases including psoriasis, dermatitis, sun burns, and wounds

Turkish Lavender Soap Benefits for the Hair

  • Lavender is a precious plant for hair-care. Lavender oil is considered a useful agent for hair growth
  • It’s got a toning and conditioning effect the thing that makes it a perfect remedy for hair treatments
  • Lavender is proven to be very useful in reducing scalp irritation and minimizing dandruff.
  • Useful in fighting hair-loss as it can assist in stimulating the scalp and improving blood circulation of the follicles.
  • Studies show that regular use of lavender oil may stimulate hair growth, improve hair texture as well as assists preventing the appearance of white hair.

How to Use Natural Nigella Soap

  • Put soap foam all over your face
  • In a round movement, massage it gently for a minute.
  • Wash your complexion with water and dry it gently
  • Repeat this process on a daily basis in order to get remarkable results.

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