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Arifoğlu Linden Flower – 40 G

Arifoğglu Linden Flower – 40 G

Fresh Turkish herbs carefully collected and dried as per the renowned apothecary Arifoğlu’s special measures. Herbs with the extract of linden produce for you an indispensible drink especially during winter months. They are distinguished for their strong and attractive aromatic odor. You can prepare and brew them using a French press or any traditional jug. You can also sweeten them with honey or lemon as you desire.

Linden/ Tilia Plant

  • Linden tree belongs to the Tiliaceae family
  • Linden is native to Europe and areas of moderate climate
  • Most parts of the linden tree is used and useful since time immemorial such as its leaves and flowers
  • Linden flower colors range between white and yellow
  • Linden has got a very good taste of floral flavor and sweet aftertaste.
  • Linden tea can be consumed hot or cold.

Linden Flower Benefits

  • Very excellent for cases such as flu and colds especially in winter
  • Useful in throat softening and considered good remedy for cough
  • Linden flowers are effective against the digestion system disorders such as indigestion and constipation
  • Limit the respiratory tract and joints inflammation
  • Fights formation and proliferation of cancer cells

Linden and Honey Tea Benefits

As per many studies, linden and honey are a good source for plenty of antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenols elements that resist the oxidative stress.

Linden Flower Benefits for Kidneys

Studies show that linden flowers have got a significant effect in the kidneys’ purification process and preservation of their function. 

Benefits of Linden Flower For Eyes

External application. After fermenting the hyacinth (Hyacinthus) tea, using a tea-moistened cotton, massage your eyelids and areas around the eyes and that will alleviate swelling and remove fatigue traces in the eyes and below them.

How To Use Linden Flower

It’s recommended to drink one cup of linden flower tea per day for a balanced general health and stable psyche.

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