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Luminous Masterpiece Wedding Gifts

Luminous Masterpiece Wedding Gifts
Luminous Masterpiece Wedding Gifts
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    Luminous Masterpiece Wedding Gifts

    You’ve an indescribable and immeasurable love, nonetheless in can also be symbolic and presented through a luminous stylish piece! Rest assured this gift encompasses in its parts something about you and about the person you love… with this delicate masterpiece, your partner will not accept to remove the gift that expresses both of you out of his/ her eyes off the bedside.

    Gifts for the Bride and Wife

    • Handmade and carefully crafted souvenirs.
    • You can gift to whomever you love in special occasions such as wedding anniversary, valentine’s day and else.
    • Can be used as a stylish night lamp.
    • Imparts romance and warmth to your home’s atmosphere.
    • It can be also a gift for your newly married friends to keep by their bedside.

    Wedding Luminous Gift Dimensions

    • Height: 22 cm.
    • Length: 14 cm.
    • Depth: 6 cm.

    How to Use Handmade Luminous Masterpiece

    • Can be operated using three batteries.
    • Batteries are attached with the product.
    • Can be operated easily by pressing the light from the top.

    Shipping Turkish Home Masterpiece

    Don’t worry about shipping, our gifts and antiques are shipped within a special protection box.

    This way ensures arrival of your souvenir to your beloved one in the best suit possible.

    Gift Delivery in Saudi Arabia

    Turkish gifts and masterpieces are distinctive for their unrivaled diversity in addition to quality and reasonable prices. Therefore, the choice of buying your wife or fiancé a gift from Turkey is considered a very perfect idea.

    The famous Sweet Saray Store will assist you surprising your partner. All you’ve to do is to choose the gift or masterpiece you like and the product will be at your doorstep within a few days whether you’re in Saudi Arabia or in any country around the world.

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