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Luxury Embossed Ottoman Teapot

Luxury Embossed Ottoman Teapot

Ottoman Turkish teapot, two pieces of handmade copper decorated with rose and flower-shaped drawings tin-coated from the inside. From the outside it is coated with materials that preserve the outer surface in full shine and gloss protecting it against blackening. With this traditional tea samovar, you can enjoy the most delicious Turkish tea made following the authentic Ottoman style.

Ghuri Original Ottoman Teapot Feature

  • Completely handmade product
  • Outside drawings are carefully drawn by a manual human effort of Erzincan artisans.
  • Outside substances that prevent the surface from turning black over time while continuously maintain its shape and color.
  • Durable brass side handle surrounded by a thick wooden layer that prevents transmission of heat and facilitates pouring process.
  • A lid that is convenient for both sizes of the upper and lower pots.
  •  The product’s interior is coated with tin.
  • Ideal size that is sufficient for a large group of visitors
  • Sonay Bakırcılık products are completely handmade, therefore, products may slightly differ from the image.
  • The product is warranted and guaranteed.

Two Pieces Ottoman Teapot Dimensions

  • Upper teapot: 0.7 liter
  • Lower teapot: 1.7 liters
  • Made of copper with 0.8 mm thickness
  • Weight (±5%) 1.000 g

How to Make Turkish Tea

  • Put the bigger-sized pot on a medium fire
  • Fix the smaller-sized pot over the big one after putting tea powder therein
  • When water boils, pour it onto tea powder found in the small pot
  • Add more water into the bigger pot
  • Put the two pots on quite fire
  • Leave them on quite fire for about 20 minutes
  • Pour tea into Turkish tea cups and serve them along with Turkish baklava.

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