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Magnesium Tablets Magnimore Plus 60 tablet

Magnesium Tablets Magnimore Plus 60 tablet
Magnesium Tablets Magnimore Plus 60 tablet
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Magnimore Plus

Dietary supplement rich in magnesium necessary for the body, acts on maintaining the integrity of the sensory and cognitive processes of the body leaving it on its normal application level. It’ll be good enough to use this product continuously as it is very important in compensating the body of lost magnesium especially with the onset of aging.

Magnimore Plus Magnesium Capsules Components

  • Magnesium: 248.29 mg
  • Magnesium malate: 225.19 mg
  • Magnesium element: 105 mg

Magnesium Benefits

  • Magnesium is a basic mineral that assists maintaining bones and muscles health
  • Regulates blood pressure and supports heart’s health
  • Preserves nerves and muscles functions in a proper way
  • Assists preserving the digestion system health and prevents constipation
  • Magnesium assists also minimizing stress levels
  • Enhances sound sleep at night.

Magnimore Plus Benefits for Men

  • Magnesium contributes maintaining good performance of muscles
  • Contributes preserving steadiness of heart beat ratio
  • Supports stable performance of the immune system

Magnesium Benefits for Sex

  • Magnesium acts on raising stimulation of testosterone secretion thus increases sexual desire
  • Magnesium tablets act on solving the problem of erection dysfunction
  • It’s proven that there is a connection between magnesium deficiency and premature ejaculation
  • Contributes improving sleep quality thus increases the desire in having sex
  • Magnesium capsules increase sexual motives via increasing secretion of testosterone hormone that is responsible for temper improvement

Magnesium for Pregnant Women

  • Magnesium assists rebuilding and reformation of tissues during pregnancy period
  • Contributes regulating blood-sugar levels
  • Acts on lowering diastolic blood pressure in the last months of pregnancy
  • Limits cramps and spasms of the muscles.

Magnimore Plus Benefits for Fetus

  • Magnesium assists building the fetus’s strong teeth and bones
  • Magnesium co-assists in the functions of the heart, muscles, and nerves
  • Acts on improving fetal blood circulation in the mother’s womb.
  • Assists regulating the fetal sleep cycle in the mother’s womb.

How to use Magnimore Plus

For adults, it’s recommended to use one capsule of the product a day over a period of 60 days.

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