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Luxurious Turkish Ground Pistachios, 50 G

Luxurious Turkish Ground Pistachios, 50 G
Luxurious Turkish Ground Pistachios, 50 G
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Luxurious Turkish Ground Pistachios, 50 G

The finest types of green Antep pistachios coming from the biggest pistachio farms in Antep city of Turkey, collected, peeled, and ground to reach you in the form of coarse powder. The green pistachio powder, suitable for many uses in the kitchen. Prepare the best dishes and desserts with the ground of luxurious Turkish pistachio from Makboul.

  • 50 g of the famous green and ground Antep pistachios.
  • 100% natural without any colorings or additives
  • Convenient for many desserts like Turkish baklava with pistachios
  • Can be used also to decorate variable Turkish desserts.

Halabi Ground Pistachios Benefits

  • Contributes largely in maintaining eye’s health and getting rid of its diseases
  • Contributes in the treatment of penis erectile dysfunction in men
  • Adjusts the bad complexion’s condition and acts on increasing freshness thereof.
  • Supports the nervous system health
  • Contents found in Halabi pistachios assist in the therapy of anemia
  • Substances available in Halabi pistachios assist in minimizing bad cholesterol ratios.
  • Pistachio is considered one the best Turkish nuts in regards to lowering blood pressure levels.

Ground Pistachios Benefits for the Lactating Mother

Halabi pistachio is considered one to the important foods for mothers during the breast-feeding period as it is rich in elements capable of increasing the yield of breast milk and its flow.

Ground Pistachios Benefits for the Hair

Antep pistachios contains elements and amino-acids necessary for stimulating blood circulation and increase of blood reach into hair follicles, fighting loss thereof, and enhance its development process.

Halabi Pistachios Disadvantages

The most noticeable disadvantage of Halabi pistachio can be summarized in that it is rich in calories, therefore, over-consumption may lead to weight-gain as well as it may negatively affect the stomach causing some disturbances such as diarrhea. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it moderately.

Green Antep Pistachios Calories

Calories found in a cup of ground Halabi pistachios:

  • Calories: 695 cal.
  • Sodium: 1.43 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 34.5 g
  • Proteins: 26.8 g
  • Fats: 53.7 g
  • Fibers: 14 g
  • Sugars: 9.52 g
  • Vitamin G: 6.59 mg
  • Vitamin B1: 0.07 mg
  • Vitamin B2: 0.97 mg
  • Vitamin B3: 1.6 mg
  • Vitamin B5: 0.64 mg
  • Vitamin B6: 2.09 mg
  • Saturated fatty acids: 7.27 g
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids: 28.7 g
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 17.7 g

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