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Manuka honey

Manuka Honey

12 Bags of original Manuka honey, a natural and quick way to enjoy the variable health benefits of the pure New Zealand honey.100% pure Manuka honey, raw and pasteurized sourced from New Zealand virgin forests and mountains where bees feed on the nectar of the pristine Manuka trees.

m a n u k a

Our Manuka Health bags are considered perfect for those who are looking to support their immune system, improve digestion, calming sore throat or simply would like to impart a touch of sweetness to their day. It’s also a perfect addition to your beauty regimen as it is known for supporting skin and complexion health.

Ideal product on the go or when you need a quick patch of energy. You only have to open the bag and add it into tea, juice or enjoy it directly from the bag.

Best manuka honey

We’re proud of our commitment to sustainability and ethics of beekeeping practices. Our honey is obtained from carefully managed cells to ensure bees health and wellbeing along with protecting the environment and enhance biodiversity. Manuka honey is separately tested and certified to guarantee fulfillment of the highest purity and quality standards.

New zealand honey

Manuka Health bags, a comfortable way to try the numerous benefits of the original New Zealand Manuka honey as it’s perfect for those who’d like to support their health naturally and sustainably. Try it today and discover the strong and wonderful flavor and countless benefits of New Zealand Manuka honey.

Original Manuka Honey

  • Elegant blue colored cardboard box
  • Encompassing 12 bags of Manuka honey
  • Each containing 15 g pure honey
  • Raw and pasteurized honey
  • Containing at least 263 mg of methylglyoxal
  • Origin: New Zealand

what is mgo in manuka honey

High quality Manuka honey encompassing at least 263 mg/kg of methylglyoxal (MGO) which is the main compound that defines Manuka honey effectiveness and quality. The high MGO content indicates that honey has powerful antibacterial activity rendering it an effective natural ingredient to support the immune system and enhance general health.

Manuka Honey Benefits

Manuka honey gained, in recent years, wide popularity due to its unique health benefits that encompass:

  • Powerful antibacterial properties as it’s been proven that it’s effective against a group of harmful bacteria including anti-biotic resistant ones.
  • Manuka honey has been used for centuries to treat and enhance healing wounds. It’s been proven to be effective in healing burns, ulcers and other types of skin infections.
  • Manuka has positive effect on the digestive health as it can assist soothing gastritis and reduce symptoms of digestive disorders such as acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Manuka honey contains antioxidants and other compounds that can help stimulate the immune system and protect body against diseases.
  • Manuka honey is proven to be effective in promoting oral health as it can prevent gum disease and tooth decay as well as treating mouth ulcers and sore throat.

Manuka honey benefits sexually

Here are some potential benefits of Manuka honey on men's sexual health:

  • Manuka honey contains sugars and carbohydrates that provide the body with energy. Having a good level of energy can contribute to improving sexual performance.
  • When the body is in good condition and free from diseases and infections, it can have a positive effect on sexual performance.
  • Manuka honey contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent infections that affect the reproductive system and help maintain sexual health.
  • Some people experience stress, anxiety, and psychological pressure that can affect sexual health. Manuka honey can help alleviate these conditions and therefore improve sexual performance.

Manuka honey uses

Manuka honey can be used in multiple ways to enjoy its numerous health benefits, most prominent of which are:

  • Have it raw: Manuka honey can be eaten directly to enjoy its rich and sweet flavor and health benefits. Simply; pure it and enjoy it.
  • Add it to tea: you can add a teaspoon of Manuka honey to naturally sweeten tea and enjoy its health benefits.
  • Use as a natural sweetener: Manuka honey can be used as a natural sweetener in a variety of recipes such as juices, drinks and desserts.
  • Topically apply: Manuka honey can topically applied on wounds, burns and other skin irritations to promote healing and reduce infections. Simply, apply a thin layer of honey on the affected area then cover with a clean bandage.
  • In beauty products: Manuka honey can be used in cosmetics you make yourself such as face masks and skin nourishing and moisturizing scrubs.

Manuka honey near me

You can now, via Sweet Saray Store, get the original Manuka honey safely and quickly. You only have to put it in your shopping cart and it’ll be in your hands within a few days, thanks to quick shipping services, never to mention discounted prices and continuous offers.

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