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Natural Nettle Plant Soap, 100 G

Natural Nettle Plant Soap, 100 G

Natural nettle soap with the nettle oil extract has got plenty of benefits in terms of complexion and hair as it works on cleansing the complexion from its depths, purifying it from impurities and dirt, moisturizing it and opening its pores as well as preventing development of black heads especially in the nose area.

Nettle soap contributes as well in the nourishment and moisturizing of the scalp and warding off unpleasant dandruff in addition to of its richness in minerals needed for increase of weak hair growth and preventing loss thereof.

Nettle Plant (Urtica dioica)

  • Also known as stinging nettle / common nettle is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae that grows all over the world
  • This plant is native to cold areas of Asia and Europe continents.
  • It’s distinctive for its stinging reaction when its fine bristles touch a foreign object that’s why it’s recommended not to touch without wearing gloves.

Nettle Plant Benefits for Treating Baldness

  • Nettle plays an important role in resisting baldness as it is rich in compounds that assist stimulating the production of the endothelial growth factor the thing that contributes enhancing hair growth.
  • Encompasses compounds that may assist inhibiting the production of dihydrotestosterone hormone that, if reached high levels, may damage hair follicles
  • Nettle plant assists treating telogen effluvium and resisting baldness especially that related to hormonal imbalance both in males or females alike.

Nettle Plant Soap Benefits for the Skin

  • Nettle soap assists acceleration of wounds healing in general as well as complexion healing in the wound area
  • Nettle plant soap may be very good for eczema patients including scalp eczema.
  • Nettle soap assists improving the appearance of deep scars of the epidermis alleviating thier acuity.
  • Fights signs of complexion aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots
  • Good for acnes cases and some bacterial infections

How To Use Nettle Natural Soap

  • Moisten your complexion with warm water
  • Rub nettle soap in your palm to form dense foam
  • Apply soap foam over your complexion
  • In a round movement, massage gently
  • Leave soap over your complexion for a few minutes, then rinse the foam-applied area
  • Repeat the process once again for good results.

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