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Turkish Olive Oil Soap, 125 G

Turkish Olive Oil Soap, 125 G

100% natural soap with the extract of the renowned olive oil, acts on nourishing the complexion and freeing it from impurities and dirt. In as much as hair is concerned, Arifoğlu olive oil soap acts on nourishing the scalp affecting positively hair growth and limiting hair loss as well as its impact on hair appearance in regards to vitality and shine.

Olive Tree

  • It’s believed that the history of this tree dates back to 6000 years ago and it is native to Syria, Palestine, and Crete Island.
  • A perennial tree of the olive family with a solid trunk, pale-green leaves with oily fruits the color of which vary depending on picking period from green to red-violet.

Olive Oil Soap Benefits for the Skin

  • Olive oil soap benefits the dry complexion and gets rid of rough skin parts
  • Contributes removing deal cells of the skin
  • Olive oil soap assists moisturizing and softening the complexion granting it desired radiance
  • Olive oil soap frees the complexion of dark spots found over the epidermis and removes scars traces
  • Olive oil soap reduces appearance of wrinkles as well as limits aging signs that appear on the skin.
  • Olive oil soap is considered an effective safe remover of makeup traces
  • Contributes alleviating the problem of narrow and clogged pores.

Olive Oil Soap Benefits for the Hair

  • Olive oil soap enhances hair and follicles strength
  • Olive oil soap reduces remarkably hair-loss
  • Olive oil soap contributes increasing scalp hydration
  • Elements found in olive oil increase hair shine and vitality
  • Limits hair dandruff spread and getting rid thereof completely
  • Minimizes and postpones appearance of white hair
  • Increase and strengthens hair density and enhances development thereof.

Arifoğlu Olive Oil Soap Way of Use

  • It’s recommended to wash hair with olive oil soap at least once a week in order to enhance hair and scalp health
  • Olive oil soap is to be applied on the head while thoroughly massaging for 3 – 4 minutes then washed completely with abundant amounts of water

How to Make Olive Oil Soap

  • You’ve to prepare safety goggles and rubber gloves while working
  • Prepare glass vessel, put olive oil inside, heat it on a water bath
  • Add water in deep glass container
  • Gradually pour sodium hydroxide thereto
  • Stir water and sodium hydroxide thoroughly until you reach a temperature of 43.3
  • Pour this mixture onto oil present in the glass container while still stirring
  • Put the mixture in molds of variable sizes to taste
  • Wrap the soap and put in the refrigerator for one night
  • After that, put in room temperature for 48 hours
  • Then, take out of molds and leave for 4 weeks to become tough and ready for use.

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