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Venatura Omega 3 1600 Fish Oil, 30 Capsules

Venatura Omega 3 1600 Fish Oil, 30 Capsules
Venatura Omega 3 1600 Fish Oil, 30 Capsules
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Venatura Omega 3 1600 Fish Oil, 30 Capsules

Venatura dietary supplement encompassing fish oil and omega-3 in each capsule. The products acts on improving general health including functions of heart muscle and blood vessels, strengthens immunity, stimulates the body, and improves and strengthens the memory in addition to its many benefits and remarkable positive effect over sexual life purity and pleasure in both men and women.

Omega 3 and Fish Oil Dietary Supplement Specification

  • The box contains 30 soft capsules
  • Contains high quantity of fish oil
  • Contains 640 mg of EPA & 480 mg of DHA per each capsule
  • Bovine collagen is used as source for the capsule
  • The product is awarded the IFOS Quality approval
  • Origin: Turkey (Fish oil origin: Chili)

Venatura Omega 3 and Fish Oil Capsule Components

  • Fish oil 1600 mg
  • Omega-3 1280 mg
  • EPA 640 mg
  • DHA 480 mg

Types of Omega 3

Omega 3 acids are divided into 3 types:

  • Alpha-linoleic acid: short-chain fatty acid, found in green plants, flaxseed, walnuts and soybeans.
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid: fatty acid encompassing 20 carbon atoms found in fish rich in oils, krill oil, and algae oil.
  • Docosahexaenoic acid: fatty acid composed of 22 carbon atoms largely found in fish and algae.

Omega 3 Benefits For Men

  • Omega 3 acids act on improving erection status in males
  • Couples who consume omega3 capsules regularly have higher fertility percentage than those whom omega 3 is not there in their diet regimen.
  • Omega 3 acids contribute increasing sexual desire as its consumers make love more than other counterparts .
  • Omega 3 acids contribute regulating hormones level
  • Play an important role in the quantity and quality of the semen as it is present in the testicles and in the synthesis of the sperm in the form of fatty acids, therefore, omega 3 acids directly affect improvement of quantity and quality of the semen.

Omega 3 Benefits For Women

  • Contributes alleviating pains of menstrual period in girls
  • Assists losing weight and reduces hunger feelings
  • Plays a role in getting rid of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Acts on the prevention of premature birth
  • These acids increase chances of conception as it is considered a natural ovaries stimulant
  • Limits developing ovaries infections by preventing hormones disorders.

Fish Oil

  • It is the quantity of fats or oils extracted from oily fish tissues such as herring, mackerel, tuna, cod liver oil
  • It’s recommended to have it via consuming fish or by fish oil pills that are rich in multi-acids and vitamins necessary for body’s health such as vitamin A and D.

Fish Oil Pills Benefits

  • Those who consume lot of fish or fish oil pills enjoy less ratios of heart and vessels diseases
  • Increases HDL cholesterol levels and reduces triglycerides by 30%
  • Assists reducing blood pressure and limits cases of heart beat irregularity
  • Fish oil supplements contribute reducing weight and improves metabolism processes
  • A study shows that fish oil supplements stimulate consumption of fatty acids in view of producing energy upon collaborating with sport exercises in body-building athletes
  • Deficiency thereof may increase chances of developing eye’s diseases
  • One study shows omega-3, found in fish oil, capability to slow the progression of advanced macular degeneration.
  • Considered fats and oils necessary for functions of the brain and its normal processes
  • May limit disorders associated with Alzheimer disease

On Venatura Omega 3 and Fish Oil Pill Usage

  • It’s recommended to consume fish oil immediately before meals if possible
  • To maintain fish oil supplement intact, keep it away from direct sunlight and temperature
  • Preferable to keep it in the refrigerator
  • Avoid using expired or unpleasant-odor supplements 

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