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Organic Turkish Blackberry Molasses, 480 G

Organic Turkish Blackberry Molasses, 480 G
Organic Turkish Blackberry Molasses, 480 G
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Organic Turkish Blackberry Molasses, 480 G

Organic Turkish blackberry molasses, produced by the famous perfumer Arifoğlu. Carefully chosen Turkish blackberry kernels from the year’s yield, fresh and subjected to condensation process by way of cold pressing, and the result is a very delicious Blackberry molasses of variable benefits. 100% natural sugar is used in its sweetening.

  • 480 g of organic Blackberry molasses
  • 78% dried fruit content
  • Contain natural beet sugar
  • Manufacturing company: ARİFOĞLU SPICE AND FOOD IND. TRADE. LTD.
  • Packed as per the standards of the Turkish Food Department
  • Kindly keep it in a dry and cool place

Blackberry Tree

A big tree of dense leave and branches. Fruits are called “Ink fruit” and get ripen in late summer until early autumn with Iran as its main homeland. Blackberry is cultivated in many provinces on top of which are: Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Kahramanmaraş, and Malatya 

Organic Blackberry Molasses Benefits for Men

Consumption of Blackberry molasses has got many benefits for men such as:

  • Blackberry molasses and Blackberry fruit, in general, assists in protecting against heart diseases and blood vessels complications
  • Acts on improving life and sexual health in men due to its rich content of antioxidants.
  • Enhances brain’s health and protects against age-related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer
  • Acts on adjusting blood sugar levels
  • Expectorant especially in smokers.
  • Minimizes digestion problems and enhances digestion process.

Blackberry Molasses Benefits for Women

  • Women who regularly eat Blackberry fruit enjoy better mental and intellectual capabilities than others.
  • Blackberry assists women reaching perfect weight and maintain the same if taken according to regular diet.
  • Eating Blackberry molasses protects against diabetes.

Blackberry Benefits for Pregnant Women

  • Blackberry fruit is rich of antioxidants that provide protection for pregnant women against many diseases and acts on enhancing her immune system
  • Blackberry is rich of vitamin G that enhances absorption of iron necessary for mother and embryo health.
  • Blackberry protects against hypertension inflicted upon the mother especially during pregnancy
  • Blackberry is rich of fibers that act on improving the digestion process and protects against constipation

Blackberry Benefits for Children

  • Blackberry enhances the children’s mental and intellectual capabilities and strengthens their memories
  • Strengthens the immune system an stimulates general health
  • Stimulates physical activities
  • Protects the heart and blood vessels of kids
  • Acts on minimizing intestines disturbances

Blackberry Molasses Benefits for the Liver

  • Polyphenol compounds found in mulberries play a vital role in improving the functions of the liver and protects it against cirrhosis, deterioration, and infections.
  • Blackberry is considered on the good fruit that may protect against liver cancer.

Blackberry Benefits for the Kidney

  • Substances and antioxidants found in Blackberry molasses enhance processes of kidney functions and protects its cells against deterioration in addition to being a reason to purify the kidneys. 
  • Suitable for kidney patients diet due to its low-sodium content

Blackberry Benefits for the Urinary Tract

Studies show that mulberries assist protecting against developing urinary tract infections

Organic Blackberry Molasses Calories

  • 100 g of blackberry molasses contain 300 cal.
  • Two tablespoons of blackberry molasses contain 60 cal. the amount that doctors recommend for consumption by adults.

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