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Authentic Ottoman Samovar Tea

Authentic Ottoman Samovar Tea

Luxury Traditional Turkish samovar, 100% embossed and decorated in a handmade way. A high quality product that takes you back to the warmth of the Ottoman era. Tea cup prepared using this Ottoman samovar will be one of the most delicious ones you sure ever drunk.

Ottoman Turkish Samovar Specification

  • All the products are totally handmade
  • Drawing and outside ornaments are made by the hands of skillful hand artisans
  • Our products are made of 1 mm copper thickness
  • Inner parts of the product are tin-plated.
  • Outer parts are covered with protective materials that maintain brightness and shine
  • Completely handmade, therefore, types of products shown in the picture may differ a little pit.
  • All products we sale are guaranteed.

Turkish Coal Samovar Dimensions

  • The upper copper pot capacity is 0.8 liter
  • The lower copper water tank capacity is 4 liters.
  • Copper thickness is 1 mm
  • Full height of the product (±5%) 55 cm.

What is a Samovar

  • Samovar is a Russian word that literally means “self-brewing”. It is a pot with a spout encompassing coal-fired stove – nowadays it is electric- used to boil water needed for preparing the tea.
  • Samovar’s homeland is Russia and Central Asia countries. It’s there in most of the Russian houses. Its name is derived from the words: “sama and varit” i.e., “ boils by itself”.
  • Samovar is made of copper and bronze and other types of metals made in the form of a cylinder or rectangular prism.
  • The lower part is dedicated for burning coal and for the water tank in which water is heated. It is equipped with a tap at the bottom to get water.
  • It’s widely famous in Turkey especially in Samsun province.

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