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24pcs medium pink french manicure set with nail glue

24pcs medium pink french manicure set with nail glue
24pcs medium pink french manicure set with nail glue
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    French Manicure Set, 24 Pieces Pink Medium Length with Nail Glue

    The pink French manicure set, the ideal solution to enjoy an elegant and flawless classic French manicure!

    This manicure set is of a high quality, unbreakable and lasts long the thing that ensures that your French nail polish stays beautiful for days to come. In addition to that, the medium length nails included in our kit represents the perfect length for those who want to attain a professional look without suffering from the drawbacks of long nails.

    With the pink French manicure set, you can achieve salon-quality results while at the comfort of your home. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply wish to improve your hands daily appearance, our set encompasses all the things you need to have perfect nails that will impress everyone.

    Pink Artificial Manicure Set

    • False nails 24 nos.
    • Nails color: pink.
    • Medium length nails.
    • 10 various sizes.
    • Nail glue.
    • Manicure stick.
    • Application tool.

    French Artificial Nails Set Features

    • High adhesion property.
    • Long lasting.
    • Effective glue.
    • Double-end manicure stick.
    • Various sizes.
    • Non-crackable
    • Oval-shaped pink nails.

    How to Fix False Nails

    • Remove manicure already present on your natural nails using acetone nail polish remover.
    • Thoroughly wash and dry your hands.
    • Define the size of each nail and arrange them.
    • With the attached manicure stick, clean the growths from the base of the nail.
    • Apply the nail glue to the fake nails.
    • While adding a small quantity of the glue to your natural nails.
    • Gently attached the fake nails.

    How to Remove Artificial Nails

    • Remove the protective top layer by filing the nail surface.
    • Use a container that contains acetone manicure remover to soak your nails therein so that nail glue wears out.
    • Avoid removing artificial nails without using acetone.
    • After waiting for a reasonable time, gently start removing fake nails.
    • Get rid of nails and glue traces by washing your hands well.
    • Use a moisturizer or nail oil to avoid having dry skin or cracked natural nails.

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