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Premium Mix Turkish Delight form Hafiz Mustafa

Premium Mix Turkish Delight form Hafiz Mustafa
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Premium Mix Turkish Delight form Hafiz Mustafa
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Hafiz Mustafa 1864 Mixed Turkish Delights

  • The unique Turkish delights with 6 different types in order to taste each flavor and move to another pleasure.
  • Melts in the mouth and raises happiness hormones.
  • Have it with Turkish coffee in the mornings and evenings with family and friends and renew your mood
  • The most famous Turkish delights since 1864
  • It’ll arrive to you fresh and without any preservatives or any other additives
  • Sent packages are anaerobically and tightly packed.

The Finest Mixed Turkish Delights in Turkey

Sweet Saray Store introduces the Finest Turkish Delights in Turkey from the most renowned brand and most famous place for sweets industry in Istanbul, i.e. Hafiz Mustafa, whose fame and brand has skyrocketed all over the world.

The Famous Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Delight

Hafiz Mustafa is one of the most famous brands in Turkey that makes the most prestigious baklava & Turkish delights types, honey, and coffee. The incorporation of this company dates back to 1864 from which the famous name comes. Later on, it was expanded and became almost the most renowned brand in Turkey and a destination for all tourists.

Mixed Turkish Delights Industry

Turkish delights is one of the most famous and oldest Turkish sweets types as the industry thereof was started approximately 500 years back. It’s a jelly dessert served in the form of chewable and delicious small pieces made of starch and sugar of different flavors and colors determined by the ingredients used in the manufacture thereof.

The name comes from Arabic as it was called “rāḥat-ul hulkum” (throat relief) because the taste thereof is very comfortable to the throat. The name was changed later so it was then called “hulkum” or lokum.

The name in English is “Turkish Delights”; a title given to it by a British traveller who visited Istanbul at the end of the nineteenth century, tasted and admired it, then decided to take some home where he called it so.

Mixed Turkish Delight Components

Turkish delights is made of natural materials without flavorings or additives. It’s mainly made of sugar, corn starch, water, acidity regulator (citric acid), flavoring, and colorant (anthocyanin). The components are diversified with different flavors and nuts’ filling.

Moreover, It’s a “Halal” product awarded the ISO certificate in terms of quality. It arrives to you in its fresh and natural state without any additives or artificial substances.

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