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Propolis Children Food Supplement, 240 G

Propolis Children Food Supplement, 240 G
Propolis Children Food Supplement, 240 G
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Cocoa Flavored Propolis Children Food Supplement

The finest types of nutrients are mixed together in Kids Plus product to form high quality Food Supplement. The ingredients thereof are especially designed for the health of our kids. This product encompasses bee milk in addition to propolis, variable vitamins and molasses. This unique mixture will compensate your kinds of any shortage that may occur in their dietary program. Serve it to your kinds with confidence and live the peace of mind.

Kids Plus Food Supplement Ingredients

  • Royal jelly
  • Propolis
  • Vitamins
  • Molasses

Royal Jelly

  • Milky white thick secretion produced by worker bees in honey bee hives.
  • It’s a special food fed exclusively to the queen bee all her life. It’s fed also to young worker bees in their first days of growth.
  • It’s believed that the unique mixture of nutrients in royal jelly is responsible for the larger size of the queen bee, longer life span, and increased reproductive ability compared to other bees in the colony.
  • In recent years, royal jelly has become a popular healthy supplement for people due to its health benefits that may encompass enhancement of the immunity, improvement of skin’s health and reduce of inflammations.

Propolis (bee glue)

  • A substance composed of resin and other plant secretions collected by bees from trees barks, leaves, and plants’ sprouts. The bees use propolis to prevent ingress of leaky air and water, sterilize the hive and protect it against foreign substances.
  • The bees chew propolis, mix it with saliva and put it on different parts of the hive. Propolis composition may vary according to type of plants, region, and season, nevertheless, it generally encompasses resin, wax, pollens, basic oils and other organic substances.
  • It’s believed that propolis is good for the health due to its antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Propolis is used especially for sore throat, toothache, wounds, inflammations and some other health problems. However, propolis may cause allergic reactions for some people, therefore, it’s very important to consult the health-care specialist before using the product.


Vitamins are organic compounds necessary for life, growth, and good health needed by the body in small amounts to perform its different functions. Vitamins are found in food and Food Supplements and the body can sometimes produce some vitamins by itself.

Grape Molasses

Grape molasses or “grape syrup” is a sweet, thick and dark syrup made of cooked grape juices. It is a traditional component in the Mediterranean and Middle East cuisines where it is used as a sweetener and flavoring in variable dishes.

Kids Plus Food Supplement Benefits

  • Strengthens our children’s immunity and eventually protects them against diseases.
  • Reduces anemia and compensates for vitamins’ shortage
  • Ideal for solving reflux problems
  • Grants energy and maintains fitness
  • Regulates blood circulation and digestion system
  • Bestows good sleep
  • Stimulates appetite in children
  • Effective for those suffering from pinworm parasite
  • Prevents mouth ulcers

How to Use Kids Food Supplement

It’s recommended to consume one spoon per day before going to school.

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