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Arifoğlu Turkish Saffron, 2 G

Arifoğlu Turkish Saffron, 2 G

High quality and valuable original saffron herb; one of the most expensive spice worldwide. It’s widely used as a seasoning to enhance dishes’ flavor in Asian and European cuisines. In addition to its use as a foods’ natural colorant, saffron seasonings will add a special and beloved flavor to your dishes and a high nutrient value to your health.

What is Saffron

  • Saffron is one of the spices that come from the Crocus Sativus flower known as saffron.
  • Saffron has a distinctive flavor and odor and widely used in the cuisines of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India.
  • It’s also used as a natural food colorant and as a medical herb in the traditional medicine.
  • It’s composed of the dry flower stigmas that are handpicked and dried. It takes a great number of flowers to produce a small amount of saffron and this is why it is one of the most expensive seasonings in the world.
  • Some studies suggest that saffron may have useful effects on the mood, memory and sleeping despite the fact that there is a need for conducting more researches to confirm these potential health benefits.

Saffron Plant

  • Saffron is a perennial plant that belongs to the Iridaceae family and is grown to produce saffron which is a valuable type of spice used in cooking and for medical purposes.
  • Saffron in basically grown in Iran that produces most of the saffron in the world as well as other countries such as Spain, India, and Greece.
  • Saffron plant has thin leaves that looks like grass and grows up to 30 cm high. It produces big purple flowers with thee stigmas which is a part of the plant that is harvested to produce saffron.
  • Saffron requires dry and sunny climate and well-drained soil. It’s usually grown in late summer or beginning of autumn. Flowers are harvested in autumn months when fully bloomed. Harvesting process is done manually which is a process that requires a large number of workers.

Saffron Benefits

  • Saffron may have anti-depressant properties and may assist improving the temper and minimizing depressive symptoms
  • Some studies have shown that saffron may assist improving the memory, learning, and concentration.
  • Saffron may have anti-inflammatory effects and may assist minimizing inflammations of the body.
  • Saffron my assist improving many heart health signs including blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels .
  • Some studies indicate that saffron may have anti-cancer properties and may assist preventing the growth and proliferation of cancer cells
  • Saffron is rich in antioxidants hat may assist protecting the body against oxidization and minimizing the likelihoods of developing chronic diseases.

Saffron Benefits for Weight Loss

Saffron assist reducing the appetite and consumption of snacks while disseminating the feeling of satiety leading ultimately therefore for losing weight.

Saffron Calories

Saffron is considered one of the low-calories that can impart a distinctive flavor and color to food without adding large calories or fat.

Here are the approximate nutritional values per one gram of saffron:


  • Carbohydrates: 0.9 g
  • Protein: 0.1 g
  • Fat: 0.1 g
  • Fiber: 0.1 g
  • Iron: 0.6% of the daily value (DV)
  • Magnesium: 0.5 % of the daily value
  • Potassium: 0.5% of the daily value

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