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Turkish salep 170 Gr

What’s Turkish Salep?

One of hot traditional Turkish beverages in Turkey and in the countries of the Middle East in general. It consumption increases significantly during the days of winter. It’s distinctive for its delicious taste and ability to assist the body resist colds as well as its role in mood’s adjustment and improvement besides to many other benefits.

Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Salep

  • Original Turkish orchid powder from Hafiz Mustafa
  • A tight & elegant metal can weighing 170 g net.
  • The product is completely 100 % natural
  • Turkish salep is void of colorants or preservatives
  • A package tightly and anaerobically sealed to preserve the product’s integrity
  • Quick delivery to all parts of the world via Sweet Saray Store.

Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Salep Components

  • Orchid powder
  • Sugar
  • Skimmed powder milk
  • Corn starch
  • Condenser (Guar gum)
  • Vanilla flavor
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt

Turkish Salep Calories

100 g of salep beverage contain 95 calories approximately. The number varies depending on materials added such as nuts or flavorings.

Turkish Salep Way of Preparation

Preparation is very easy and suitable in all parts of the day, especially in cold days as it provides the body with energy and heat.

How to Make Turkish Salep

  • Put a sufficient quantity of milk, add sugar or honey as per desire
  • Put the mixture on a low fire
  • Meanwhile, dissolve two teaspoons of orchid powder in the milk cup
  • Add it to the mixture already on fire
  • Stir continuously until the texture is dense
  • Add some rosewater in the end
  • Pour it hot in big cups, add cinnamon, nuts, or fried fruits on top for decoration
  • For more info about Turkish Salep, read the article in Sweet Saray blog.

Turkish Salep Benefits

  • Turkish salep contributes in the treatment of diarrhea especially in new born babies
  • It’s considered useful for stomach ulcer because of milk
  • It plays a role in curing constipations and stomach gases
  • It enhances the body’s immunity
  • It resists osteoporosis and boots bones and teeth strength,

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