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Baby Silver Brooch

Baby Silver Brooch

Sterling silver baby pin, the perfect gift meant for the newborn made of high quality materials, a beautiful and practical product distinctive for a safe and secure clip that holds it in place ensuring your baby’s safety. The stylish design of this newborn brooch renders it a wonderful souvenir that can be passed down from one generation to another. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a new mom or dad, this fine piece is your perfect choice.

Luxury Baby Silver Brooch

  • 925k sterling silver made.
  • 14k gold plated.
  • Inlaid with pure zircon stone.
  • Holding a circular piece ornamented with Ayat Al Kursi “The Throne Verse”.
  • The possibility of addition the newborn name.
  • Delivered in a gift box.

What is a Newborn Brooch

  • A baby pin which is a small piece of jewelry made of pure silver.
  • It is used to fasten the baby clothes and usually decorated with cute designs, for example: animal, flowers for inscription designs.
  • Brooches are usually presented as gifts to the newborns.
  • Sterling silver newborn brooches gain wide popularity as they are durable, long lasting, and can be passed down from one generation to anther by means of heirloom.
  • Due to safety concerns, some newborns modern pins are now equipped with a safety clips or designed to be worn as a pendant on a necklace instead of fixing it directly on the baby’s clothes.

The Size of Newborn Brooch by Name

  • The size of baby brooch made of sterling silver varies depending on the design and the manufacturing company.
  • There is no recognized fixed size for the baby clamp.

Best Newborn Gifts

  • Newborn brooch is considered one of the most stylish gifts for the newborns. What distinguishes it most is that it is eternal as it can be kept for years and passed down from generation to anther as a memory or souvenir.
  • Sweet Saray Store offers you a beautiful combination of newborn gifts without bother going yourselves to malls or markets. Simply, choose the gift your prefer and you’ll find it within just a few days at the doorstep of your loved ones.

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