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Two Names Green Amber Rosary

Two Names Green Amber Rosary

High quality Ottoman rosary composed of 33 black and green color beads and upper “Turra” made of genuine 925-carat silver. One of the most desirable pieces especially by Arab tourists visiting Turkey as they take them as a souvenir or select as a gift for their friends. It is considered a luxurious gift due to its clean and delicate design not to mention its very convenient price.

Natural Stone Ottoman Rosaries Specifications

  • Production material: fiery amber
  • Basic color: green – black
  • Weight: ± 25.90 g
  • Beads shape: oval
  • Beads size: 8 x 12 mm
  • Overall length: 38.00 cm
  • Tassel: 925-carate silver
  • Possibility to write two names at a time
  • Served in its own adhoc package.

Rosaries Industry in Turkey

  • Turkey is one of the pioneering countries in rosaries industry as it provides a wide spectrum of high quality variably-designed rosaries
  • Turkey is famous for its specialized workshops in design and manufacture of rosaries using the latest technologies and equipment and traditional methods, too.
  • Turkish rosary manufactures offer a wide range of different designs, sizes, and materials from small ones suitable for personal use to big rosaries for religious institutions and souvenir shops
  • It provides also a variety of add-ons, accessories, and packaging options to meet the different needs of clients all over the world.
  • In addition to making Islamic traditional rosaries, Turkish manufacturers have also started producing rosaries for other religions like Christianity, Judaism and other to meet the divers spiritual needs of the global market
  • Rosary industry in Turkey is highly competitive and has succeeded in fulfilling the growing demand locally and internationally.
  • This industry has recently witnessed rapid growth as Turkish manufacturers adopted new techniques to improve production processes and increase their competitive capabilities.

Most Prominent Precious Stones for Making Ottoman Rosaries

Islamic rosary, known also as “Tasbeeh” or “Masbaha”, can be made from a variety of gemstones, most prominent of which are:

  • Amber: is a tree fossilized resin of high value in the Islamic culture as it’s believed to have therapeutic properties and often used in the prayer rosary.
  • Agate: agate is a kind of quartz highly valued in Islam for its protective properties. It’s often used in the prayer rosary and believed to instill quietness and inner peace.
  • Coral: coral is a marine creature highly valued in Islamic culture and believed to have protective properties.
  • Turquoise: turquoise is a green-bluish mineral of high value in Islamic culture and believed to have therapeutic and protective properties.
  • Onyx: a form of white and black onyx of highly valued bands in the Islamic culture often used in the prayer rosary and believed to grant power and protection.

The above mentioned stones are valued not only for their physical properties but also for their spiritual ones rendering them ideal for use in manufacturing such a valuable pieces such as rosaries and the likes.

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