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Goat Milk Strawberry Jam, 270 G

Goat Milk Strawberry Jam, 270 G
Goat Milk Strawberry Jam, 270 G
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    Goat Milk Strawberry Jam, 270 G

    • Goat milk strawberry-flavored jam rich in necessary nutrients, very splendid taste loved by all those who tried it. It’s sure you’ll serve it to your kinds every morning.
    • Goat milk strawberry jam, one of the most consumed products in Latin countries in general. Although the Turks found it strange to make “milk” jam, yet when it reached their kitchen, they liked its taste and were skillful in the production thereof. Now, Turkish breakfast tables are barely void of variable milk jams in addition to using them to sweeten versatile desserts.

    Goat Milk Strawberry Jam Components

    • Natural goat milk
    • There are 83 g of milk per 100 g of milk jam
    • Strawberry
    • Natural sugar
    • Carbonates (cooking soda)

    Ganik Goat Milk Jam Characteristics

    • Calcium-rich source
    • Free of palm oil
    • Gluten-free
    • Rich in high-quality protein
    • Does not contain any preservatives
    • Milk used in 100% natural goat milk

    Goat Milk with Strawberry Benefits

    • Goat milk contains less percentage of lactose compared to cows’ milk which makes it easier for digestion
    • Goat milk contributes limiting the spread of eczema in children
    • Organic goat milk strawberry jam is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and zinc, too.
    • Goat milk supports bones and teeth health.
    • Very useful in the treatment of viral mouth sores in children and infants
    • Goat milk stimulates the immune system functions especially in children.

    Goat Milk for Treatment of Infertility

    • Goat milk is rich in vitamins such as vitamin b that enhances sexual desire thus it is used as an aphrodisiac, therefore it may be a therapy for some unclear causes of infertility
    • Psychological factors may affect pregnancy occurrence in ladies, and given the fact that goat milk alleviates psychological stress, anxiety cases, enhances comfortable feelings, may be all that would certainly play a vital role the treatment of infertility
    • Goat milk is very important in sperm count increase as it is rich in mineral elements necessary for increasing its numbers and improving its quality. 

    Goat Milk Jam Way of Preparation

    • Put some quantity of goat milk in a big pot on a medium fire
    • Add beet sugar, baking powder and vanilla
    • Stir the ingredients thoroughly until completely homogenous
    • Leave the recipe on a low fire for about an hour or more until the mixture condenses
    • Leave it to cool down, pour it into clean and airtight glass containers. Store inside the fridge.
    • It’s considered a cool meal for breakfast along with tea and biscuits. Bon appetite!

    Goat Milk Strawberry Jam Calories

    • Calories: 188 cal.
    • Water: 212 ml
    • Protein: 8.89 g
    • Fats: 18.8 g
    • Carbohydrates: 10.9 g
    • Sugars: 10.8 g
    • Phosphorus: 281 mg
    • Potassium: 488 mg.

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