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Natural Rose Tea, 20 G

Natural Rose Bud Tea

Luxury collection of rose buds an petals carefully collected and dried in natural ways and free of any artificial substances. Upon dissolving into water, it transforms it into herbaceous aromatic tea of a delicious taste and uncountable health benefits. It’s recommended to add honey to it to multiply its positive effect on the body.

What is Rose Tea

  • Roes tea is a kind of tea made of dried rose petals or rose buds
  • A herbal tea free of caffeine of a fine flowery odor and slightly sweet flavor. Rose tea is often used due to its therapeutic properties including its ability to improve the digestion process, strengthening the immune system, and alleviating stress and anxiety.
  • You can enjoy it hot or cold and it is often brewed with herbs or other ingredients such as green tea or chamomile.

Rose Tea Benefits

  • Rose tea is rich in antioxidants including vitamin C that assists protecting your body against deterioration caused by free radicals.
  • Rose tea may assist soothing and nourishing your skin as it contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can assist minimizing redness and irritation.
  • Rose tea has got a calming effect on the mind and it can assist reducing anxiety and stress. It’s been used as a natural remedy for insomnia.
  • Rose tea is a natural diuretic and it can assist promoting healthy digestion via minimizing inflammation and preventing constipation.
  • Vitamin C present in rose tea assists enhancing the immune system and protecting against inflammations and diseases.
  • The floral and refreshing flavor of rose tea makes it a wonderful alternative for sugary drinks and a delicious addition to your daily routine.

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