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Tea rose flowers 25 gr

Turkish Dried Rose Drink

Dried rose tea, an aromatic and delicious drink, enjoyed hot or cold, is a wonderful choice for those who like herbal tea or who look for caffeine free alternative to traditional tea or coffee.

Turkish Rose Drink

  • Quantity: 25 g
  • Turkish dried rose petals
  • Carefully selected of a perfect size
  • 100% natural product
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Free of any additives
  • Packaged in one of the international hygienic methods

Turkish Rose

  • Turkish rose is a kind of unique rose cultivated in certain parts of Turkey and used for many purposes. It’s distinctive for its beautiful dark red color, strong and distinctive aroma big flowers.
  • Turkish rose is used for preparing tea, perfumes, and health and cosmetic compositions as it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and effective plant compounds.
  •  It’s believed that consumption of Turkish rose assists lowering blood pressure, improve digestive health and stimulates general health.
  • Tea can be prepared from Turkish rose by boiling rose grains in water or via using dried leaves and flowers to make refreshing and beneficial tea. Turkish rose oil can also be used in making perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products.

What Is Dried Turkish Rose Drink

  • Dried rose tea is a kind of herbal tea made of dried rose petals
  • Tea is usually made by soaking the dried petals in hot water for several minutes thereby imparting rose flavor and aroma to water
  • Tea is often enjoyed for its delicate and floral taste as well as its health benefits.

Rose Drink Benefits

It’s believed that rose tea has several health benefits such as encompassing antioxidant high content that can assist minimizing the risks of developing chronic diseases. It’s believed also that it has anti-inflammatory properties that can assist reducing inflammations in the body, and enhance health and wellbeing in general.

How to Prepare Turkish Rose Tea

  • Put 2 – 3 buds of tea a rose
  • In a cups of hot water
  • Soak them for 4 – 5 minutes
  • The add sugar or honey for sweetening.

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