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Two Piece Turkish Teapot Set

Two Piece Turkish Teapot Set

Turkish stainless steel tea samovar. Turkish-style two piece teapot of bright white color made according to up-to-date means of hygienic raw materials featuring heat-retaining characteristic for long periods of time. Bayev tea set will constitute an elegant addition to decorate your kitchen with.

Two Layers Turkish Teapot Feature

  • Turkish-styled teapot
  • White color
  • Gold-color-painted set handles that grant added aesthetic features
  • Gold-plated ends of the lid of the upper jug
  • Stainless steel side handles
  • Easy to handle and clean tea samovar
  • Raw materials that support long retention of heat

Turkish Samovar Tea Specification

  • Lower jug capacity: 2 liters
  • Upper jug capacity: 1 liter
  • Manufacturing material: enamel
  • Handle: stainless steel
  • Bayev brand

How to Make Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is a preparation and serving method ad-hoc to the Turkish people where Turkish tea is cooked in a pot called a “teapot”. Tea is put in the big pot, while, in the smaller one, tea powder is placed. Tea is obtained by pouring boiling water onto tea powder. Upon leaving the pot over fire, the upper pot will be affected by steam rising from the lower one the thing that leads to tea fermentation .

To serve, quarter cup of brewed tea is poured from the upper pot and the rest of the cup is filled of water present in the lower pot. The more the amount of water is, the less tea concentration and color will be. If added-water amount is less, tea is much heavier and darker. Sugar is added as desired.

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