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Turkish Wild Thyme Soap, 100 G

Turkish Wild Thyme Soap, 100 G

A soap with the extract of natural wild thyme oil, a unique product for skin care continuously advisable by dermatologists due to its important characteristics in terms of purifying the complexion and freeing it from dirt and toxins. It’ll be a perfect idea to use the wild thyme oil soap on a daily basis to obtain a soft and intact complexion.

Arifoğlu Wild Thyme Soap Components

  • Water
  • Coconut oil
  • Wild thyme oil
  • Olive oil
  • Palm oil
  • Cotton seeds oil
  • Sunflower seeds oil
  • Sodium hydroxide

Wild Thyme Plant

  • Thyme is an aromatic evergreen perennial herb of a green-colored pleasant-aromatic small leaves with a thin wooden stems. There are more than species that differ in terms of odors and flavors.
  • Thyme is very close to oregano as both plants are native to the Mediterranean area.

Wild Thyme Soap Benefits for the Skin

  • The herbal extract found in the soap assists cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, and protecting the complexion
  • It has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant characteristics that assist healing and restitution of deteriorated skin cells. It assists preserving shine and softness of the complexion by the prevention of collagen and elastin breakdown in the skin.
  • Enhances blood circulation of the skin the thing that assists getting rid of body’s toxins
  • It’s got a mild anti-bacterial influence that assists reducing acnes and blackheads in the skin
  • It prevents early aging of the skin by improving the complexion’s tone and flexibility.
  • It assists treating epidermis disorders such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Wild thyme soap assists protecting the skin from sun burns

How to Use Organic Thyme Soap

  • Moisten your complexion with warm water
  • Apply sufficient amount of thyme soap foam over your complexion
  • In round movements, massage carefully
  • Rinse the foam-applied area with warm water
  • For optimal results, use wild thyme soap on a semi-daily basis
  • It’s advisable to avoid touching the sensitive area of the eyes with soap

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