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Authentic Mehmet effendi Turkish coffee 500 Gr

Authentic  Mehmet effendi Turkish coffee 500 Gr
Authentic Mehmet effendi Turkish coffee 500 Gr
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Mehmet effendi Turkish coffee 

  • The best seller Turkish coffee
  • The weight of the box is 170 grams and it comes tightly wrapped and vacuumed so the coffee does not lose its flavor
  • Manufactured by the most famous Turkish coffee producer
  • drink it with Turkish desserts in the evening with Turkish baklava or Turkish delight to make your day
  • It does not contain any other additives or flavorings and only made from natural organic materials

How to prepare Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee 

  • Heat a cup of coffee from the water coffee suit
  • Put Turkish coffee in the amount of a teaspoon per cup and can be increased as desired
  • When boiling, gently shake the coffee in circular motions until it begins to boil and froth forms
  • You can add sugar at this point if you wish
  • serve the coffee into the cup without much space between it and the cup so that the foam does not go away
  • Try it with Turkish delight with pomegranate and pistachio

The best way to serve Turkish coffee

Turks do not usually serve their Turkish coffee alone, but it usually comes in a wide tray, next to it a cup of water, and also has a small dessert plate, containing 2-4 pieces of baklava or delight, and most drink it plain without sugar, but recently I have put a piece of sugar next to a cup of coffee, especially for guests

Turkish coffee benefits

  • Consuming one or two cups of Turkish coffee a day increases the rate of burning fat in the body from 10 to 20 percent.
  • Drinking coffee increases the speed of blood flow in the capillaries, thus increasing the percentage of oxygen that reaches the tissues of the body, thus increasing activity and vitality.
  • Turkish coffee contains not only caffeine, but also many antioxidants, as well as many beneficial nutrients such as magnesium and potassium, which are reflected in the health of the body.
  • People who drink two cups of Turkish coffee a day suffer from less pain

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