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Turkish Apricot Jam, 650 G

Turkish Apricot Jam, 650 G

Turkish apricot jam is distinctive for its special and pure orange color to which a group of luxurious Turkish almond kernels is added. This apricot jam product will be the best way to start your day in order to enjoy energy and heat in cold winter days.

  • Made of the finest Turkish apricot types from the Anatolian farms
  • Contains no less than 50 g of fruit per each 100 g
  • Free of any preservatives or colorants
  • Halal product

Apricot Tree

  • Apricots are medium-sized trees the height of which reaches up to 9 meters
  • Historically the apricot tree is native to China and Japan countries.
  • Nowadays, it largely grown in moderate weather areas in the Middle East in countries like: Turkey, Syria, and Iran.

Apricot Benefits for Pregnant Women

  • Apricots free pregnant women from developing gestational diabetes
  • Apricot contains considerable percentages of minerals good for fetus growth and mother’s health
  • Protects the mother from developing anemia
  • Exterminates the likelihoods of developing constipation and hemorrhoids as it is rich in fibers.

Apricot Benefits for breast-feeding Women

Apricot fruit is very effective in improving milk production as it is considered a good diuretic for lactating women.

Apricot Benefits for Bones Health

Apricot contains sufficient amounts of minerals necessary for bones growth and protection against osteoporosis such as calcium, iron, and copper.

Apricot Benefits for the Complexion

  • Apricot with its useful elements assists in the increase of skin radiance, increases its freshness, and fights aging signs.
  • Apricot is an integral part in most skin-care masks as it contributes in the treatment and getting rid of acnes.

Apricot Benefits for Anemia

Apricot is rich in iron which is an important element for red-blood cells of the body and therefore protects against anemia

Apricot fruit is an important source of vitamin C that acts on enhancing iron absorption in the body.

Apricot Jam Calories

In each 100 g of apricot jam there are:

  • Calories: 265 cal.
  • Carbohydrates: 65.14 g
  • Sugars: 54.43 g
  • Fats: 0.22 g
  • Protein: 0.13 g
  • Salt: 15 mg

Apricot Jam Way of Preparation

  • Select the rather soft-textured apricot kernels
  • Wash apricot kernels and remove their seeds
  • Chop apricots into cubes, put in deep bowl
  • Add 1 kg of sugar then cover them
  • Leave the ingredients this way until the next morning
  • After a whole night has passed, cook apricot jam for almost 45 minutes
  • Meanwhile, by a spoon, remove formed foam off from time to time,
  • Add lemon acid 10 minutes before removing the mixture off fire
  • When reaches desired consistency, put off fire and leave it to cool down
  • Pour fresh apricot jam into clean jars. Bon appetite!

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