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Gold Q7 Honey , 240 G

Sexual Tonic, Gold Q7 Turkish Epimedium Honey

Turkish Epimedium Honey is a 100% natural products that contains the extract of natural herbs responsible for improving sexual life without any harmful side effects. The epimedium plant extract, known as “horny goat weed” is considered the main component of this product and it’s used in Chinese medicine in order to increase sexual capability and desire.

Gold Q7 Original Epimedium Honey 

  • q7 honey Original Epimedium Honey is one of the most famous sexual aphrodisiacs in Turkey and all over the world. 
  • Developed composition that works as an erection status energizing and ejaculation postponement factor.
  • q7 honey is a sexual aphrodisiac without any side effects
  • Gold q7 Enhances blood flow to genital organs for both genders alike
  • Herbal composition from the Turkish honey with the extract of horny goat weed that is used decades of years ago in China as a sexual aphrodisiac
  • Original, authentic, and licensed products approved by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Food

epimedium macun

Gold Q7 Turkish epimedium Honey Benefits

  • Essentially contributes in boosting the erection status and treatment of frigidity for men
  • q7 macun works on increasing sperm count for men
  • q7 macun strengths weak spermatozoa
  • q7 honey enhances the feeling of sexual thrill 
  • Arouses the sexual desire and satisfaction for both men and women
  • q7 honey Assists increasing intercourse times via quick re-erection status after ejaculation
  • Gold Q7 honey treats premature ejaculation and considered ideal nape factor for this problem
  • Gold Q7 macun increases sexual desire for women via nourishment of vaginal tissues with blood perfusion
  • epimedium macun improves the psychological status for women especially during menstrual period and beyond.

Epimedium turkish honey how to use

  • Mix thoroughly before use
  • For use before intimacy: small teaspoon half an hour before starting
  • For general sexual capability: two teaspoons in the morning and evening on a daily basis.

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