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Arifoğlu Turkish Pine Kernels, 100 G

Arifoğlu Turkish Pine Kernels, 100 G
Arifoğlu Turkish Pine Kernels, 100 G
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Turkish Premium Pine, 100 G

The finest kernels of Turkish pine, carefully chosen to suit all your uses. They are used to decorate casseroles, rice dishes, sweets, and cakes. Enjoy now the most delicious flavor of Turkish nuts produced by the renowned Arifoğlu brand.

Pine Tree

  • Pine tree grows in all the Mediterranean basin countries.
  • It’s considered one of the coniferous species that may grow up to 20 meters high taking the form of an umbrella
  • Pine tree starts producing the cone inside which the pine kernels are encompassed after the age of about twenty.

Pine Kernels Benefits

  • Pine kernels act on reducing the appetite assisting losing weight thereby due to its fatty acid content.
  • Important minerals such as magnesium and protein assist preventing occurrence of heart attacks
  • Very important for pregnant woman and supports kid’s growth
  • Contains high percentage of vitamin C therefore it’s very useful for the immune system
  • Contributes remarkably in the increase of sperm count.

Pine Benefits for Sex

  • Pine is rich in vitamin B1 that contributes stimulating signals between the brain and the genitals
  • Pine enhances the quality of the semen
  • Solves ejaculation and recreation dysfunction problems
  • Rich in vitamin E which is called “Sex Vitamin”
  • Rich in zinc which increases sexual desire and performance
  • Grants the characteristic of good and strong erection of the penis

Pine Essential Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Vitamin A contributes preserving the skin without wrinkles via getting rid of free radicals as well as minimizing the scars appearance .

Vitamin A and vitamin C act on preventing hair loss and dandruff.

How to Use Pine

  • Pine is particularly convenient with rice and meat meals
  • Roast pine kernels in a pan on a medium heat for a few minutes
  • Roasting gives pine kernels a much more delicious taste
  • Spread pine kernels over the meal surface to grant your dish a luxurious and irresistible taste.

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