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Turkish tea from Rize 1 kg

Turkish Rize Tea, 1 KG

1 KG of black Turkish tea cultivated in the fields of Rize city on the Black Sea coasts. The finest tea leaves carefully chosen to suit your fine taste. The tea of the Turkish city of Rize is one of the most famous types of tea all over the world now in your hands to enjoy the moment of living unforgettable tea drinking experience.

CAYKUR Rize Tea Specification

  • 1000 g of the finest Turkish black tea types
  • 100% natural tea
  • Free of colorants and preservatives
  • High brewing degree and delicious taste
  • A little amount of it makes a large one of the original Turkish tea drink.

Black Tea

A type of tea made of fully brewed tea leaves. Fresh tea leaves are collected and dried then brewed by exposing them to air for a period of time. Black tea is brewed in a more extent than other types of tea such as the green, white, or yellow tea and this is exactly what grants it its distinctive dark color, strong flavor, bitter taste, and slight sweetness.

Black tea is consumed all over the world. It is very common in Turkey and the United Kingdom as it is considered a cultural tradition that is drunk with milk and sugar in England. Black tea contains a wide spectrum of effective herbal compositions such as caffeine, tannin and polyphenols that assist improving the body’s health and alleviates stress and fatigue.

Turkish Rize Tea

Black tea encompasses a number of effective substances that contribute enhancing general health and protecting against some diseases. Some of the benefits of black tea are:

  • Heart health improvement: black tea contains substances that assist improving the heart and blood vessels health as it can assist lowering blood pressure and minimizing blood bad cholesterol levels.
  • Improvement of the digestions system’s health: black tea may assist improving the health of the digestion system maintaining its natural functions as it contains compounds that assist stimulating the digestion process and minimizing constipation and diarrhea problems.
  • Safeguarding against some types of cancer: some studies show that the black tea does contain compounds that may assist protecting against some types of cancer such as breast and prostate cancers.
  •  Memory and concentration improvement: black tea contains compounds that assist improving memory and concentration and may also assist minimizing problems of mental stress and improving functions of the brain.
  • General health improvement: black tea contains antioxidants that assist protecting the body from harms resulting from exposure to free radicals. It may also assist improving the health of the skin, hair, nails and enhancing the immune system.

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