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Turkish Natural Turmeric Soap, 100 G

Turkish Natural Turmeric Soap, 100 G
Turkish Natural Turmeric Soap, 100 G
Turkish Natural Turmeric Soap, 100 G
Turkish Natural Turmeric Soap, 100 G
Turkish Natural Turmeric Soap, 100 G
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Turkish Natural Turmeric Soap, 100 G

The original turmeric soap, a natural product for body and complexion care, nourishes your complexion as it is rich in vitamins and elements needed for its protection. A collection of natural substances on top of which is the turmeric plant that is mingled with other natural elements collectively to form an ideal formula for treating and taking care of complexion’s problems. It’ll be one of the products that will never be absent of your skin-care collection after noticing its remarkable results.

Turmeric Plant

  • Turmeric is a flowering perennial herbal plant, from the ginger family.
  • Turmeric is native to the India peninsula and South-East Asia
  • Needs a temperature ranging between 20 and 30 degrees as well as large amounts of rainfall
  • This plant is gathered for the sake of its rhizomes where they are ground for obtaining a yellow powder-like substance.
  • Used as a kind of spices and colorants in many Asian cuisines
  • Lately, it started entering in the composition of cosmetics meant for skin-care after many studies have proven its importance in this field.

Turmeric Soap Benefits

  • Turmeric soap acts as a skin cleanser and purifier
  • Cleanses the pores and purifies it from dirt and dust
  • Exterminates acnes and black heads
  • Enhances complexions structure and makes it more youthful
  • Eradicates paleness of the complexion and makes it more radiant
  • Minimizes skin’s high-oiliness
  • Protects against skin pigmentation
  • Unifies skin tone
  • Reduces wrinkles of the complexion
  • Provides protection against collagen deficiency

Does Turmeric Soap Remove Pigmentations

Turmeric plant antioxidant components act on lightening and unifying the tone of the complexion, limiting pigmentations and melasma around the mouth, knees, and elbows.

How to Use the Turkish Turmeric Soap

  • Collect turmeric soap foam well in your hand
  • After moisturizing it, put the foam over the area designated for cleaning
  • Massage the area gently and in a circular movement
  • Wait for up to 2 minutes, the cleanse the area with warm water.

When to Use Original Turmeric Soap

  • For excellent results, it’s recommended to use it in the morning after wakening up and in the evening before going to bed.
  • After use, it’s recommended to keep it in a dry wooden plate away from direct sunlight in view of preservation for longer periods and obtaining maximum benefits and outcomes.

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