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Zinc Capsules, Original Dietary Supplement, 60 Tablets

Zinc Capsules, Original Dietary Supplement, 60 Tablets
Zinc Capsules, Original Dietary Supplement, 60 Tablets
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Zinc Capsules, Original Dietary Supplement, 15 G

Venatura original zinc tablets. Zinc is an important element for the human health especially for the immune system function. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce zinc or store it, so it depends, for getting it, on food and supplements. Therefore, Venatura zinc capsules are considered an ideal and easy way of obtaining zinc and making use of. The regular use of zinc tablets will guarantee enjoying an excellent mental and physical health.

Venatura Zinc Tablets

  • 60 capsules of zinc
  • Each capsule contains 15 g of zinc
  • All the products are original 100%
  • Photos of our products are representative, if the package is renewed in the future, it’ll be sent in a new form/package

 Zinc Tablets Benefits for the Health

  • Zinc tablets play an important role in enhancing the body’s immunity
  • T cells assist regulate immune responses
  • Consuming zinc tablets for 10 days assists treating diarrhea and limits its reoccurrence
  • Contributes regulating communication of neurons that are responsible for memories formation and learning process
  • Zinc contributes maintaining safety of the complexion and wounds’ healing
  • Studies confirm the importance of zinc in minimizing the likelihood of developing inflammations
  • Zinc capsules largely contribute preventing age-related macular degeneration of the eye
  • Zinc capsules reduces symptoms of influenza virus

Zinc Tablet Benefits for Fertility Increase

Men who keep using zinc tablets, enjoy large sperm count in the semen where zinc deficiency is considered a dangerous factor for men infertility

Zinc Tablet Benefits for Treating Acnes

Zinc sulfate found in the zinc capsule dietary supplements assist treating acnes and erases its traces once and for all.

Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

  • Loss of appetite
  • Anemia
  • Slow wounds healing
  • Skin problems such as acnes or eczema
  • Diarrhea
  • Quick hair-loss
  • Zinc deficiency during pregnancy leads to hard or prolonged delivery

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