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ulker tea biscuit 750 gr

Unique shape and classic taste; fingers of delicious plain biscuit, recommended to eat as a snack along with tea or coffee.

Contents of Ulker Tea biscuit

Wheat flour, sugar, leavening agents, whey powder (milk), salt, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier, flavorings.

Nutritional Value of Ulker Finger Biscüvi and Its Calories

100 g of Ulker biscuit sticks contain 452 kcal, 8 g Protein, 15 g fat, and 70 g carbohydrates as a nutritional value.

Precautionary Allergen Label

It contains gluten, milk and soy. May contain traces of eggs, sesame, nuts.

Storage Conditions

Stored in a cool and dry place

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